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Ottawa Wedding Singer Ryan Stone

Experience a different touch with RYAN STONE and his LIVE show. ​Ryan Stone lends his talents to some of the most memorable songs ever released. Take a trip along the Vegas neon, through the swamp rock rhythm & country then just around the bend to a smooth good time feeling. Hear it all for the first time.  


"An evening of wonderful entertainment plus you get all your exercise for the week in one evening!!! When you hear Ryan sing you will know "Elvis is still alive".

Dorothy Black

Haliburton Ontario

RYAN STONE'S LiVe oN sTaGe shows can only be described in the words of the people who have seen him.


"A wonderful voice and fantastic stage presence. One of the best shows on the circuit! If you like Elvis, Tom Jones, Englebert  and Neil Diamond you will LOVE Ryan Stone." 

Judy Rankin,

Orlando Florida


"Fatastic night! We've seen him 3 times. Each time better then the last". Love this guy."

Ottawa event entertainment

A fan captures a live performance with Ryan Stone having fun with his audience.

Marion Stable


"Ryan Stone does it right. You were amazing, we had such a good time and didn't want the night to end. What a fabulous evening. Thank you."

Paul & Mary

Ryan Stone chatting with George Klein. Memphis DJ & life long friend of Elvis Presley
Ryan Stone Posing with George Klein. Memphis DJ & life long friend to Elvis Presley.

Ryan Stone chatting with George Klein.

Klein a Memphis DJ & Life long friend to Elvis Presley

Marian J. Cocke and Ryan Stone. Marian was Elvis Presley's nurse from 1975 - 1977
Ryan Stone posing with
Marian J. Cocke. Marian was Elvis' nurse from 1975 - 1977
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